CommentCoin. Feel Comments. Write Comments. Get Comments.

What is CommentCoin?

How does CommentCoin work?
By using the hashtag #CC in your article on the Hive or Steem Blockchain our system is activated. Afterwards the comments under your article will be rewarded with 1 CC each.
How save is CommentCoin?
We exclude spamers and "bad" comments by an artificial intelligence and its blacklist which is active in the background and checks the comments.

What is the Future of Commentcoin?

We plan to integrate more blogs, forums and other sozial platforms.
On our own martplace you are allow to deposit/withdrawl and exchange the CC in other Cryptos

Project Status:


Who are we?

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I am the technical developer behind the project. My tasks are manifold, if you have questions about the technology behind the CC Network, i am the right person to contact.

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I am the idea giver and manager of the CC project. If you have any questions about the basics and marketing of the CC, i am the right person to contact.

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This is the official Blog of the Commentcoin-Project. Here you get all the Informations and Updates of the Project.